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Embrace the serenity of a quiet corner in your home with a cozy, luxurious recliner. Take time for yourself with the Legacy Collection from VivaLift!®. Put your feet up and fully stretch out on the footrest extension. Enjoy a good novel or turn on the television. No matter what activity you choose, infinite, lay-flat positioning ensures you’ll always find your most comfortable and supportive position. Plus, you’ll never misplace your book or the remote with the convenient side storage pocket.

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VivaLift® Legacy - PLR-958

Choose a power lift recliner that becomes a part of making memories.

Each of us probably has a recliner chair somewhere in our memory. Maybe your dad had his favorite easy chair. You napped on it as a child, but when he got home from work, everyone knew that was Dad’s chair.

Maybe your grandparents each had their own overstuffed chairs side by side in the living room, turned toward the television where they liked to have their TV dinners. Those chairs had the most distinct characteristics. and they took on the personality of the person who used them most.

The Legacy Lift Chair, part of Pride Mobility’s VivaLift!® Collection of lift chair recliners, is uniquely built for making those kinds of memories. It’s truly regal, with three classic upholstery colors to choose from: Saville Brown, Saville Grey and Saville Wine, which is exclusive to the Legacy Recliner.

Two lift chair recliner size options to choose from

Find the right size for your comfort preference. The Legacy Lift Chair comes in two sizes, medium and large. Both have a 400-pound weight capacity. Enjoy customizable comfort with the Legacy Recliner, as the chair features a power backrest, power lumbar and a full-width power headrest. With the USB remote with soft-touch buttons, you can adjust your position with one touch. Stretch out completely with the footrest extension. With an infinite number of position possibilities, you can find the level of support and comfort no matter how you choose to relax.

Experience a gentle recline, knees up, feet out, while you catch up on some reading or watch your favorite show. The Legacy Recliner leans back a little more for a quick power nap, or even extends all the way out, head back, legs out flat for deeper relaxation.

Ready to make your own new memories in a recliner chair? Contact your Pride Mobility dealer today and try out a Legacy Lift Chair Recliner today.

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   PLR-958 Features:

  • Power headrest
  • Power backrest
  • Power lumbar
  • USB remote with soft-touch buttons
  • Lithium battery backup
  • Footrest extension

  • *Pride® FDA Class II Medical Devices are designed to aid individuals with mobility impairments