Spinal Cord Injury Association

The National Spinal Cord Injury Association was established in 1948. The NSCIA has many chapters throughout the United States. Some members have physical disabilities while others do not. Chapter members participate in a variety of activities. They work with local and national officials and agencies to develop better programs and services and act as community advocates for improved access, housing, transportation, employment, and leisure time activities for disabled people. Peer support and other services are also provided. These are fundamental aspects of living that 500,000 people with spinal cord injuries or diseases must cope with after they have been rehabilitated and have returned to community life.

More and more persons are getting involved in activities of the NSCIA. Through the collective efforts of staff, chapters, board members, and other volunteers, the Association is improving care, producing results in research, and addressing everyday living issues that confront all people who use wheelchairs.

The Association serves not only persons with spinal cord injuries but also persons who have diseases or conditions, the effects of which are similar to those of spinal cord injuries. Multiple sclerosis, which affects young adults, is one example. Friedreich's ataxia, which manifests itself during teen-age years and appears to run in families, is another. Spina bifida develops before birth during growth of the fetus. Varying degrees of paralysis often result. The individuals affected frequently use wheelchairs and therefore must cope with many of the same problems that confront persons with spinal cord injuries.

The Spinal Cord Injury Association in Your State:

Alabama Spinal Cord Injury Association

Alabama Chapter
115 Alpine St.
Chickasaw, AL 36611
Telephone: (334) 456-1768
Contact: Marilyn McPherson

Arizona Spinal Cord Injury Association

Arizona United Spinal Cord Injury Association
Samaritan Rehab Institute R-2
1013 E. Willeta
Phoenix, AZ 85006
Telephone: (602) 239-5929
Contact: Paul Mortenson

Arkansas Spinal Cord Injury Association

Southwest Arkansas Disability
420 E. 6th St. Apt. #9
Prescott, AR 71857
Telephone: (870) 887-1138
Contact: Gary Hawthorne

California Spinal Cord Injury Association

NSCIA California Chapter at Los Angeles
311 N. Robertson Blvd. Suite 823
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Telephone: (310) 553-4929 or (310) 553-4833
Fax: (310) 659-5040
Contact: Paul Berns, MD

NSCIA San Diego County Chapter
6645 Alvarado Road
San Diego, CA 92120
Telephone: (619) 229-7001
Pager: (619) 839-4367
Contact: Royce Hamrick

Project Support, SCI
6307 DeSoto Ave., Suite E
Woodland Hills, CA 91367
Telephone: (818) 713-9720
Chapter Office: (818) 888-3209
Fax: (818) 713-1278
E-Mail: rehabdsg@gte.net
Contact: Michael G. Koltan

Connecticut Spinal Cord Injury Association

NSCIA Connecticut Chapter
P. O. Box 400
Wallingford, CT 06492
Telephone: (203) 284-1045
Contact: Liza Ethier

District of Columbia Spinal Cord Injury Association

NSCIA SCI Network of Metropolitan Washington
Plaza West 9
51 Monroe Street
Rockville, MD 20850
Telephone: (301) 424-8335
Fax: (301) 424-8858
E-Mail: stevetowle@cs.com
Contact: (Please leave message on machine.)

Florida Spinal Cord Injury Association

Florida Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine
5165 Adanson St.
Orlando, FL 32804
Telephone: (407) 895-7991
Contact: Robin Kohn
Telephone: (407) 623-1070
Contact: Carl Miller

Tampa Bay Area Support Group, NSCIA
c/o Florida SCI Resource Center
Tampa General Rehabilitation Center
P.O. Box 1289, Room R-100
Tampa, FL 33601
Telephone: (800) 995-8544 or (813) 253-4286
Fax: (813) 253-4322
E-Mail: fscirc@mindspring.com
Contact: Dan Casaday

Sea Pines Rehabilitation Hospital
101 East Florida Avenue
Melbourne, FL 32901
Telephone: (407) 984-4600
Contact: Dorn Williamson

Capital Rehabilitation Hospital
1675 Riggins Road
Tallahassee, FL 32308-5315
Telephone: (850) 656-4800
Contact: JoAnna Rogers-Green

Georgia Spinal Cord Injury Association

Georgia Chapter
P.O. Box 2645 
Columbus, GA 31920
Telephone: (800) 422-3352
Contact: Andy Harp

3351 Northside Drive
Macon, GA 31210
Telephone: (912) 471-3500 or (800) 491-3550
Fax: (912) 477-6223
Contact: Kathy Combs

Illinois Spinal Cord Injury Association

Spinal Cord Injury Association of Illinois
1032 South LaGrange Road
LaGrange, IL 60525
Telephone: 708-352-6223
Fax: (708) 352-9065
Contact: Mercedes Rauen
Email: SCIInjury@aol.com

Indiana Spinal Cord Injury Association

NSCIA Calumet Region Chapter
300 West 21st Ave.
Gary, IN 46407
Telephone: (219) 883-0431
Contact: Anna Burge
Telephone: (219) 944-8037
Contact: Lucille Hightower

Central Indiana Chapter
656 Bakeway Circle
Indianapolis, IN 46231
Telephone: (317) 244-9204
Voicemail: (317) 329-2530
Contact: Steve Hegg
E-Mail: stevec45@aol.com

Michigana Support Group
Independent Living Center
221 West Wayne St.
3rd Floor
Southbend, IN 46604
Telephone: (219) 291-0094
Telephone: (219) 289-0122
Contact: Bill Steenbeke

Kentucky Spinal Cord Injury Association

NSCIA Derby City Area Chapter
c/o Center for Accessible Living
981 South 3rd Street
Louisville, KY 40203
Telephone: (502) 589-6620
Contact: David Allgood
Telephone: (502) 458-0233
Contact: Buddy Lawson

Louisiana Spinal Cord Injury Association

NSCIA Louisiana Chapter at New Orleans
3650 18th Street
Metairie, LA 70002
Telephone: (504) 455-7315
Fax: (504) 455-7315
Contact: Yadi Mark

Maryland Spinal Cord Injury Association

Chesapeake Rehabilitation Hospital
220 Tilghman Road
Salisbury, MD 21804
Telephone: (410) 873-3429
Fax: (410) 546-8338
Contact: Tonya Combs

Kernan Hospital Spinal Cord Injury Support Group
Kernan Hospital (University Of MD Medical System)
2200 Kernan Drive
Baltimore, MD 21207
Telephone: (410) 448-6307
Contact: Jessica Richard

Massachusetts Spinal Cord Injury Association

NSCIA Greater Boston Chapter
c/o New England Rehabilitation Hospital
Two Rehabilitation Way
Woburn, MA 01888
Telephone: (781) 933-8666
Fax: (781) 933-0043
E-Mail: sciboston@aol.com
Contact: John Fioriti

Michigan Spinal Cord Injury Association

NSCIA Mid-Michigan Chapter
1640 Green Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48105
Telephone: (313) 761-7636
Contact: Bruce Chargo

Minnesota Spinal Cord Injury Association

NSCIA Minnesota Chapter
17645 Juniper Path #105
Lakeville, MN 55044
Telephone: (612) 898-1894
Contact: Art Kosieradz

Mississippi Spinal Cord Injury Association

NSCIA Central Mississippi Chapter
P.O. Box 4253
Jackson, MS 89296
Telephone: (601) 981-2611 ext 1048
Contact: Valerie Jackson

Magnolia Coast SCI Support Group
12226 Oaklawn Road
Biloxi, MS 39532
Telephone: (228) 392-2210 or (228) 435-5433
Contact: Michelle Bahret

Missouri Spinal Cord Injury Association

Southwest Center for Independent Living
Cox Medical Centers
1856 East Cinderella
Springfield, MO 65804
Telephone: (417) 886-1188 or (417) 269-6829
Contact: Paula Green

New Hampshire Spinal Cord Injury Association

NSCIA New Hampshire Chapter
PO Box 197
N. Salem, NH 03073
Telephone: 603.479.0560
Contact: Lisa Thompson

New York Spinal Cord Injury Association

NSCIA Greater Rochester Area Chapter
P. O. Box 20516
Rochester, NY 14602-0516
Telephone: (716) 264-0834
Contact: Jill Frank
Telephone: (716) 275-6345
Contact: Kathy Flannagan

North Carolina Spinal Cord Injury Association

NSCIA Eastern North Carolina Chapter
326 West Cooper Street
Winterville, NC 28590
Telephone: (252) 756-2691
Contact: Lynne McCollum

Ohio Spinal Cord Injury Association

NSCIA Northwest Ohio Chapter
4219 Foxfire Ct.
Toledo, OH 42615
Telephone: 419-389-1284
Primary Contact: Mr. Kelly Keefe
Telephone: (800) 321-8383 ext. 5090
Secondary Contact: Dr. Greg Nemunaititis

Hillside Rehabilitation Hospital
8747 Squires Lane
Warren, OH 44484
Telephone: (330) 856-3353 (H)
Telephone: (330) 856-4303 (W) or (330) 841-3799
Contact: Mike Logan or Andrew Guido

Pennsylvania Spinal Cord Injury Association

Greater Pittsburgh Rehabilitation Hospital
2380 McGinley Road
Monroeville, PA 15146
Telephone: (412) 856-2453 or (800) 695-4774
Contact: Pat Zanarini

Rehabilitation Hospital of York
1850 Normandie Drive
York, PA 17404
Telephone: (800) 752-9675 ext. 820 or (717) 767-6941
Contact: Lisa Schneider

Rehabilitation Hospital of Altoona
2005 Valley View Blvd.
Altoona, PA 16602
Telephone: (800) 873-4220

Delaware Valley Spinal Cord Injury Association
2610 Belmont Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19131
Telephone: (215) 477-4946
Contact: Bruce McElrath

South Carolina Spinal Cord Injury Association

NSCIA South Carolina Chapter
P. O. Box 13415
Florence, SC 29504
Mailing address:
Attn. G. Nesmith
900 East Cheves Street
Florence, SC 29506
Telephone: (843) 673-7131
Alternate phone: (843) 679-9000
Contact: Gladys Nesmith

Texas Spinal Cord Injury Association

NSCIA Rio Grande Chapter
c/o Rio Vista Rehabilitation Hospital
1740 Curie Street
El Paso, TX 79902
Telephone: (915) 544-3399 x 5400
Contact: Sukie Armendariz

Virginia Spinal Cord Injury Association

NSCIA Old Dominion Chapter
P. O. Box 8326
7800 Woods Road, Richmond, VA 23226
Telephone: (804) 282-6609
Contact: Quincy Dedes

Wisconsin Spinal Cord Injury Association

NSCIA Southeastern Wisconsin Chapter
540 South 1st Street
Milwaukee, WI 53204
Telephone: (414) 384-4022

NSCIA Madison Area Chapter
P. O. Box 2685
Madison, WI 53701
Telephone: (608) 222-8302
Contact: (Please leave message.)