Why Choose an All Terrain Motorized Wheelchair?

If you’re looking for an all terrain motorized wheelchair for yourself or a loved one with mobility limitations, there are better choices available to you! Why choose an all terrain motorized wheelchair when you can purchase a scooter to do the job? It’s important to understand the differences between motorized wheelchairs and electric scooters.  Electric scooter models are an exceptional choice when you need an all terrain mobility product.

Motorized Wheelchairs Vs. Mobility Scooters

Motorized wheelchairs and mobility scooters (also known as electric scooters) have many similarities. Both assist individuals with limited mobility, have seats and wheels, and are user-operated. But the terms “motorized wheelchair” and “mobility scooter” refer to distinct classes of mobility devices, and it’s important to understand the differences between them.

Motorized wheelchairs are operated using a joystick on one of the armrests. They often feature a captain’s style chair and have foldable foot platform. Most motorized wheelchairs have six wheels: two large drive wheels and four smaller caster wheels (often two of these function as anti-tips).

Mobility scooters feature a permanent foot platform, and they are steered using handlebars attached to a tiller. Some can be steered with one hand, but users must be able to hold their arms up independently and manipulate the tiller. An electric scooter usually has three or four wheels, as opposed to six. Get more information on scooters vs. wheelchairs.

When you need an all terrain motorized wheelchair, consider first whether an all terrain mobility scooter is right for you! Pride offers two models of all terrain mobility scooters. They are perfect for those who feel comfortable exploring off the beaten path and who can maintain stability and balance over rough terrain.

Pursuit® XL 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter

The Pursuit® XL Mobility Scooter that is considered all terrain. It’s packed with features that help it perform well off the beaten path, including 13-inch low-profile tires, full suspension, a hydraulic sealed brake system (with handbrake), a full lighting package, and an extra powerful drivetrain. Beyond its off-road capabilities, the Pursuit XL 4-Wheel also offers luxury features, including an infinite adjustable wraparound delta tiller, pneumatic tires, and a luxurious reclining high-back pillow top seat. As a four wheel model, the Pursuit Scooter provides plenty of stability and even weight distribution. Whether you drive this scooter around your farm or take it with you on the trails, the Pursuit is designed to handle outdoor terrain easily, while maintaining a smooth and comfortable ride. Some additional information on this scooter includes:

Maximum speed: up to 7.5 mph
Maximum weight capacity: up to 400 lbs.
Turning radius: 82.5"

Pursuit® 4 Wheel Electric Scooter

The Pursuit® 4-Wheel is another outdoor terrain electric scooter that includes off road features. It has 13-inch tires, front and rear suspension, a full lighting package, a powerful drivetrain, and a ground clearance that is over 3.5 inches. Users will enjoy a high-back reclining seat and a wraparound delta tiller that is infinitely adjustable to meet the user’s needs. Compared to 3-wheel scooter models, the Pursuit is a 4-wheel scooter, which is ideal for greater stability. You can drive the Pursuit through rugged conditions around your property and enjoy absolute comfort every time. Some additional information on this scooter includes:

Maximum Speed: up to 8 mph
Maximum weight capacity: up to 400 lbs.
Turning radius: 66.75-67.75"