Choosing the Best Electric Wheelchair

When mobility becomes a problem for an elderly person or a disabled individual, one of the best options available is an electric wheelchair that can provide the person with the mobility they need to maintain an active and independent lifestyle. Lightweight electric wheelchairs can also provide the mobility needed to take part in family activities. If you or someone close to you could benefit from this kind of mobility, you'll want to be sure you research the best electric wheelchairs.

With so many electric wheelchairs on the market, it can be overwhelming to decide which electric wheelchairs will meet the needs of the disabled individual or senior. This wheelchair buying guide will outline the different types of electric wheelchairs, such as lightweight electric wheelchairs, heavy-duty power wheelchairs and bariatric power wheelchairs that are available to best fit your lifestyle and needs. With Pride electric wheelchairs, the mobility you need is delivered in a quality package that allows you or your loved one to maintain an active and independent lifestyle. Don’t settle for less than the complete mobility each person deserves. Mobility solutions are available when you know how to find the best electric wheelchair.

Travel and Lightweight Electric Wheelchairs

There are a number of lightweight electric wheelchairs, and the model that will best serve your individual needs will depend on the demands of your lifestyle. If portability is a primary concern when deciding which wheelchair will deliver the performance you need, the Go Chair® lightweight electric wheelchair is number one for portability. The Go Chair is the perfect travel power wheelchair and offers the user increased independence, with the feather-touch disassembly. Transport this travel power wheelchair to any destination you desire!

Elevating Power Wheelchairs

For some disabled individuals and seniors, one of the greatest challenges is reaching objects on shelves or in the refrigerator or being at eye level with loved ones. Consider Pride’s elevating power wheelchairs. The Jazzy Air® electric wheelchair provides solutions to those who struggle with these issues, thanks to its elevation feature! At the press of a button, the seat of The Jazzy Air raises ten inches in only sixteen seconds. The Jazzy Air can help increase independence by making it possible for the user to easily grasp things that were once too high to reach. Plus, individuals will feel empowered as they are able to enjoy a conversation with someone at eye level.

Bariatric Power Wheelchairs

Some disabled individuals and seniors need durable and solid bariatric power wheelchairs that can also handle various types of terrain. The Jazzy® 1450 bariatric power wheelchair offers sturdy design and an extra powerful motor to provide the user with the mobility they need. While the construction is solid and the Pride bariatric power wheelchair has a weight capacity of up to 600 lbs., the design ensures that precise navigation of the electric wheelchair can be accomplished, even when in tight indoor spaces. For those in the bariatric market who require bariatric power wheelchairs to meet their needs, the Jazzy 1450 is an ideal option.

Heavy Duty Power Wheelchairs for Various Terrain

Some people want heavy duty power wheelchairs that can handle different types of outdoor terrain. The Jazzy® Elite HD heavy duty power wheelchair has oversized 14-inch drive tires, allowing it to tackle a variety of challenging terrains without sacrificing mobility. The sturdy frame has a weight capacity of 450 lbs., and the exceptional design means that the Jazzy® Elite HD heavy duty power wheelchair is just as capable of navigating indoor spaces as well as outdoor spaces.