Travel Far with This Foldable Motorized Wheelchair

Do you love traveling but struggle with mobility? Don’t let the limited mobility of you or your loved one hold you back! Check out the Jazzy® Passport, a foldable motorized wheelchair designed for traveling or a busy, on-the-go life! The Jazzy Passport has the perfect blend of portability, stability, and comfort for the avid traveler!

Jazzy® Passport Motorized Wheelchair

The Jazzy® Passport is a compact and lightweight! It folds in just a few steps. Traveling is a breeze with this foldable motorized wheelchair.  Plus, the Jazzy Passport offers plenty of storage too. Store your tickets or favorite magazine in the back-seat pocket, and store your keys, wallet and phone in the mesh storage bag under the seat. The mesh cup holder is perfect for a refreshing beverage or water bottle. For a compact chair, that’s a lot of storage!

the Jazzy Passport foldable motorized wheelchair offers a large foot platform and features a 40-inch lap belt. Some other specifications for this folding wheelchair include:

  • Maximum Weight Capacity: up to 250 lbs.
  • Turning Radius: 24.25 inches
  • Weight of Heaviest Piece: 54 lbs. (note: this unit doesn’t disassemble)
  • Drive Tires: 12-inch pneumatic drive

The Jazzy Passport comes standard with comfortable, specialty foam seating. There is also an optional Simplicity G Wheelchair Cushion available for purchase. The Simplicity G Cushion has a contoured, high-density molded foam base, which provides coccyx and sacral relief. The cushion features moisture-wicking properties and a Stealth® Tek incontinence cover that is easy to clean.

An Airline-Friendly Foldable Motorized Wheelchair

Ready to travel from coast to coast or explore the overseas? With the Jazzy® Passport’s optional airline-approved travel battery, anything is possible! This battery is a 10.4-amp hour, 25.2-volt Lithium-ion battery and is approved for airplane travel on airlines that allow this size battery onboard. We always recommend, however, contacting your airline ahead of time to ensure your Jazzy Passport and travel battery are allowed onboard. Compared to other folding motorized wheelchairs, the Jazzy Passport with the optional airline-approved battery has a range of up to 5.7 miles per charge. Once you land at your destination, your foldable motorized wheelchair is ready for sight-seeing and shopping!

If you don’t think you need the airline-approved travel battery, the Jazzy Passport comes standard with a lithium-ion battery that gets you where you need to go, whether around town or around your home. Enjoy a per-charge range of up to 9.6 miles, perfect for a day out!

If you want to travel in style and comfort, consider folding motorized wheelchairs. And most importantly, consider the Jazzy Passport!

Folding Motorized Wheelchairs Accessories

While most folding motorized wheelchairs don’t offer accessories, the Jazzy® Passport offers a few options so you can customize your travel wheelchair. First, consider the convenience of an XLR USB charger! This small device plugs easily into your wheelchair’s XLR port, allowing you to charge your phone, tablet, or any other USB smart device, no matter where you are!

We also offer military patches for your travel power wheelchair. If you served in the Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines, or the Navy—or if you have been awarded a Purple Heart—be sure to pick up the relevant patch or patches that best represents you. These patches easily attach to the back of your seat.

Ready to simply fold and travel? The Jazzy Passport is the perfect choice! Finding a foldable motorized wheelchair doesn’t have to be difficult! If you are ready to enjoy exceptional comfort, storage and the ability to travel on an airplane, choose the Jazzy Passport. Contact us today to learn more.