Pride's Lightweight Motorized Wheelchairs

If mobility issues are a concern for you, you really need to consider a mobility wheelchair. The right one can significantly improve your independence, allowing you to stay active and participate in the things you enjoy, whether you have limited mobility or cannot stand or walk for long periods of time. Whether your mobility issue is because of an injury, a medical condition such as arthritis, or simply one of the aggravations of aging, you will find the right mobility wheelchair can make all the difference in your life. All you need is to know your personal preferences when it comes to a chair's features. Learn how to choose the ideal motorized wheel chair for you and learn more about these great motorized wheelchairs from Pride®.

Go Chair®

The Pride Go Chair® is a motorized wheelchair that is portable and lightweight, making it ideal for those who need or want to enjoy an active lifestyle. A lightweight motorized wheelchair like this gives anyone with mobility issues their independence back. Wherever they go, their motorized wheel chair goes with ease.

The Go Chair is sturdy, with the ability to carry an individual up to 300 pounds, and it is number one for portability on the market. There is an under-seat storage compartment, which makes it easy to bring personal items along. It has a five-point swivel seat for looking around, and can go up to 3.7 mph. A lap belt, a compact turning radius, 18-amp batteries, and a choice of six colors makes this one of the best motorized wheelchairs available anywhere.

Not only that, but the Go Chair motorized wheelchair is easy to disassemble so you can bring it with you. It comes apart into five pieces, the heaviest of which only weighs 36 pounds. It also easily assembles again quickly, so you are ready to get going as soon as you reach your destination. This is independence at its best.

Jazzy® Elite ES Portable

Among motorised wheelchairs, the Jazzy Elite ES Portable motorized wheel chair is a real winner. Known for its style and comfort, this is a king among lightweight motorised wheelchairs, and it is designed for getting you over various terrains. It has in-line front-wheel drive, a tight turning radius, and extra-large front wheels to make it easier to get the chair over obstacles in your path. It is also equipped with superior shock absorption. This Pride motorized wheelchair climbs over grade changes with ease and uses an anti-tip technology for added safety.

Best of all, the Jazzy lightweight motorized wheelchair allows for easy disassembly for simple transport from one place to the next. With a 40-amp PG GC 3 controller, a simple mainframe design, and two color choices, this is the Pride motorized wheelchair you need to get you where you need to go.

Jazzy® Passport

The Jazzy® Passport motorized wheelchair is among the best motorized wheelchairs to bring with you wherever you go. Simply fold and travel with this Pride motorized wheelchair. It is compact and lightweight and is one of the best motorized wheelchairs to take anywhere. It includes a pocket on the back of the seat so you can bring your essentials with you, a mesh storage bag under the seat for even more room to bring what you need wherever you go, and a mesh cup holder for your drink. After all, who doesn't want to enjoy a refreshing beverage when they're out on the town?

With a large foot platform and a comfortable foam seat, this mobility wheelchair is one you will enjoy riding on, and it will become as essential as your purse or wallet whenever you leave the house.