Motorized Electric Wheelchairs Designed for You

Motorized electric wheelchairs let you get around in comfort and style. They also offer you the benefits of cutting edge technology and numerous accessories. With so many options on the market, how do you choose? Read on to learn about a few of our most popular mobility products.

A Versatile Electric Wheelchair Choice

Are you looking for an electric wheelchair that performs well indoors and outdoors? The Jazzy Select 6® 2.0 motorized electric wheelchair offers a sturdy design and all-round functionality. Enjoy unparalleled comfort thanks to the Active-Trac® Suspension. You'll ride smoothly over even rough terrain, and the specially designed tires won't leave marks on hardwood or tile floors. Have a long day ahead of you? The adjustable seat is ergonomically designed to stay comfortable over hours of use.

The Most Portable Motorized Wheelchairs

The Go Chair is one of the most portable motorized electric wheelchairs on the market today. It can be easily disassembled into five lightweight pieces, with the heaviest piece only weighing 36 pounds! Easily transport the Go Chair to your favorite places. When in use, the Go Chair can go up to 3.7 miles per hour on its robust 18-amp battery. Effortlessly navigate tight office spaces thanks to this model's compact turning radius. This fun and functional wheelchair is available in a wide variety of colors to appeal to your personal style.

Top-Performing Motorized Electric Wheelchairs

Do you want a high-performance mobility device with generous features? A Jazzy Elite 14 motorized electric wheelchair is worth the look. What sets this model ahead of the competition is its 14-inch drive wheels. These give the wheelchair real power and enhanced outdoor performance. You won't have to worry about steep inclines or grade changes here; the anti-tip wheels take care of that for you. You'll find the Jazzy Elite 14 motorized wheelchair easy to maneuver thanks to its front-wheel drive design, tight turning radius, and agile handling.

Motorized Wheelchair Accessories

Once you narrow down a choice of motorized wheelchairs, you can further customize them to your needs. Our selection of wheelchair accessories let you upgrade your power chair to suit your lifestyle.

Power Wheelchair Storage and Holders

Not enough storage space on your power wheelchair model? We offer solutions here. A rear basket is perfect for carrying groceries or larger items. Need something close at hand? Consider an arm-mounted saddlebag, available in two sizes. Finally, if you'd like to transport another mobility device like a walker or cane, we offer installable cane or crutch holders. You can keep your oxygen tank right at hand with an oxygen holder that attaches to the back of the motorized wheelchair. This device is designed to support the tank securely without slipping. Meanwhile, our mobility devices are also available with leg rests. These can elevate or swing outward and have optional heel loops.

Lifestyle Add-Ons for Motorized Wheelchairs

For long days at the office or on the go, upgrade your chair with functional accessories. Our XLR USB chargers keep your smartphone and personal electronics topped up. Bad weather in your area? A one-piece weather cover will protect your motorized wheelchair from the elements when not in use. Finally, you can free up a hand by stowing your coffee in a convenient travel cup holder.

Wheelchair Solutions for Modern Life

Pride Mobility is a leading designer and manufacturer of mobility solutions. We have the motorized electric wheelchair you need and the accessories you desire. So, when shopping for your next motorized wheelchair, consider Pride for all your mobility needs!