Tips on Shopping for a Motorized Wheelchair

If you’re living with limited mobility, it may be time to shop for a motorized wheelchair. But if you're not familiar with how to find the best-motorized wheelchairs the process can be intimidating. Knowing what to look for and who can assist makes a world of difference. Reading motorized wheelchair reviews is helpful, but eventually, you'll need hands-on assistance to help you make the best decision. The right wheelchair for you will offer the speed, stability, weight capacity and portability that match your needs and allow you to maintain your lifestyle with minimal modifications.

Speed and the Fastest Motorized Wheelchair

One key factor to consider when shopping for motorized wheelchairs is speed. If you plan to use your wheelchair primarily around the house, then a slower speed will likely suit your needs, and may even be preferable to the fastest motorized wheelchair. Slower speeds are safer and more practical in small spaces. If you plan to use your motorized wheelchair outdoors, however, a higher speed chair may be the best fit. The fastest motorized wheelchair will transport you across streets, parking lots, and other hazardous areas as quickly as possible. Faster speeds will also help you keep up with friends and relatives with ease.

The Best Motorized Wheelchairs are Durable

Durability is another consideration when shopping for your ideal motorized wheelchair. The Jazzy Select 6 motorized wheelchair features shroud and controller guards that protect its crucial components from damage. Replaceable back and seat covers allow you to replace the covers easily if they become damaged. Finally, mid-wheel drive provides a tight turning radius around corners. Best-in-class features like patented suspension technology and an innovative articulating beam mean you don't have to compromise performance for durability.

If you plan to take your wheelchair on outdoor adventures, consider an option like the Jazzy Elite ES motorized wheelchair, built with active adults in mind. The anti-tip wheels help you navigate uneven surfaces fearlessly while using the front-wheel drive to maneuver around tight turns. The large front wheels absorb bumps to keep you comfortable as you ride through parks or up ramps, all while sitting comfortably in the high-backed chair. Because of the tight turning radius, it also transitions well to indoor use, perfect for your home along with shopping malls, museums, and restaurants.

Will Medicare Pay for Motorized Wheelchairs

Cost is a major influencer for many adults living with limited mobility. In some cases, Medicare may cover the cost of motorized wheelchairs if it’s considered medically necessary, but you’ll need to follow the right procedure to be considered. Consult your doctor or other treating providers to determine if a motorized wheelchair is right for your situation; then work with a wheelchair provider to complete the paperwork and follow the steps necessary to qualify for Medicare coverage. Learn more about the circumstances regarding will Medicare pay for motorized wheelchairs to determine whether you may be a candidate. Providers who offer motorized wheelchairs for sale usually have experience working with Medicare and can guide you through the process.

The best-motorized wheelchairs combine maneuverability, durability, and comfort. Reading motorized wheelchair reviews can help you narrow down your options, and an experienced Pride provider will help identify the right option for you among motorized wheelchairs for sale. Then they'll work through the logistics of coordinating with your doctor and Medicare, if applicable, order the chair, and have it delivered. When you know what you're looking for, finding the right motorized wheelchair for you can be simple and painless.