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Introducing Jazzy Air - It's Social Mobility

It's a new era in power mobility. It's social mobility. The Jazzy Air™ elevates to the primary standing height position in just 16 seconds, providing quick environment access to countertops, table tops, cabinetry and shelving to name a few. With speeds up to 3.5 mph while elevated, the Jazzy Air allows users to safely socialize with others at walking speed. Click here for more information.

Jazzy Power Chairs

Jazzy Air
Jazzy Air™

The Jazzy Air is a new era in power mobility. It's social mobility. The unique appeal will elevate your environmental access and social confidence in style.

Jazzy Select Elite
Jazzy Select® Elite

The Jazzy Select® Elite delivers a reliable blend of power, performance and style.

Jazzy Select 6
Jazzy Select® 6

The Jazzy Select® 6 provides exceptional front stability combined with the advantages of in-line motor technology.

Jazzy Elite HD
Jazzy® Elite HD

The Jazzy® Elite HD offers heavy-duty construction, a 450 lbs. weight capacity, and excellent performance.

Jazzy Elite ES
Jazzy® Elite ES

In-line, front-wheel drive technology gives the Jazzy® Elite ES excellent stability and maneuverability.

Jazzy 600 ES
Jazzy® 600 ES

The Jazzy® 600 ES provides excellent performance and outstanding stability.


The J6 is the choice for those who demand the stability of Mid-Wheel 6® Design and tight-quarter maneuverability.

Jazzy Elite 14
Jazzy® Elite 14

The Jazzy® Elite 14 offers a 300 lbs. weight capacity and excellent performance in a stylish, maneuverable package.

Jazzy 614 HD
Jazzy® 614 HD

The Jazzy® 614 HD delivers outstanding performance and superb maneuverability in a powerful, stylish package.

Jazzy Elite ES-1
Jazzy® Elite ES-1

The Jazzy® Elite ES-1 features in-line, front wheel drive technology and is designed for easy serviceability.

Jazzy Elite ES Portable
Jazzy® Elite ES Portable

The Jazzy® Elite ES Portable combines power and performance with portability.

Jazzy 1450
Jazzy® 1450

The Jazzy® 1450 is a front-wheel drive bariatric power base with a weight capacity of 600 lbs.

Jazzy Sport 2
Jazzy® Sport 2

The Jazzy Sport 2 features solid performance indoors and out.

Jazzy Sport Portable
Jazzy® Sport Portable

The Jazzy Sport Portable delivers a reliable blend of power, performance and portability.


The Go-Chair enhanced performance and comfort, enjoy light-weight travel and independence on the go.

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