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Non-Traditional Benefits

Employee Referral Program

Pride will reward an employee making a referral $250 when the referred applicant is employed and active for a 3-month period.

Employee Stock Ownership Retirement Program

Since January 1, 1998, employees have been rewarded with shares of stock. At the beginning of each year an independent appraisal is conducted to determine the updated value of each share. The value has really grown due to the contributions from Pride and the performance level of the company. Vesting is based on years of service, which is defined as a calendar year in which you work at least 1,000 hours. Partial vesting starts at 2 years of service, with full vesting after 5 years of service.

Employee Assistance Plan

Pride offers an Employee Assistance Plan which provides up to three free counseling sessions per issue to all employees and their eligible dependents for issues such as marital conflict, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, personal loss, anger, time management and stress. A variety of self-guided mental health resources, coaching and life services are also available including Financial and Legal consultation.

College Scholarships

Pride has established a scholarship program for all employees who are full-time and have completed 1 year of service. For your child to qualify, he/she must be a post-secondary applicant. Selection of winners is based on various factors such as GPA, goals, achievements, community involvement and letters of recommendation. $500 scholarships are awarded to chosen participants.

Service Awards

Pride recognizes those who reach service excellence at anniversary milestones. Employees that have 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years of service are rewarded with a gift and receive their anniversary date off. Employees achieving 10 or more years are honored at a yearly 10+ service event and receive the day after Thanksgiving off.

Attendance Award Program

Pride rewards employees in specific hourly positions with PTO quarterly for meeting attendance award criteria.

Birthday Luncheon

Pride celebrates employees’ birthdays each month with a luncheon, client experience with a consumer advocate, team-building games, giveaways, and company updates/questions with the CEO. All employees receive a gift from Pride on the day of their birthday.

Birthday & Service Recognitions

Pride's Birthday Express is published monthly to recognize birthdays and service anniversaries.

Pride Giveaways

Pride rewards its employees with days off, gift cards, and free tickets to events including hockey games, minor league baseball games and other events.