Medicaid Funding for Mobility Devices

If you struggle with mobility due to a medical condition, there is hope! There are mobility funding resources available if you qualify. To help individuals with low incomes pay for medical services, each state offers Medicaid, which is designed to provide medical and other health-related services to those who need them. Also, both Medicare and Medicaid funding are two potential sources for those with limited income who struggle with mobility issues.

Medicaid Funding for Lift Chairs

If you have difficulty getting up from the seated position without help, you may benefit from a lift chair. A power lift chair can provide elderly seniors or those with medical conditions that affect their mobility with greater independence, as the lift chair is designed to make rising out of the chair from the seated position a lot easier. To find out if you qualify for a power lift recliner, it is best to search for Medicaid funding by state, as each state has its own requirements for eligibility. Get more information on lift chair Medicaid funding.

Medicaid Funding for Electric Motorized Wheelchairs

If your medical needs call for a specific type of electric motorized wheelchair, you may be eligible for Medicaid funding. This medical need, however, must be demonstrated in your medical records and a doctor's prescription is also required. Because Medicaid funding by the state can vary when it comes to eligibility, it’s important to contact your local Medicaid office. They can provide information on your specific state’s eligibility standards and the type and scope of services the state provides. Learn more about Medicaid funding for electric motorized wheelchairs.

Medicaid Funding for Scooters

An electric scooter may be covered as durable medical equipment (DME) under Medicaid, yet Medicaid funding by the state can vary. Variation of coverage can include coverage for skilled nursing homes, vocational use, accessories, and whether the scooter can be rented or purchased. Depending on your eligibility, Medicare and Medicaid funding may be available to you for purchasing a scooter. In addition to your medical records and a doctor’s prescription, your state’s Medicaid program may also require physical therapy reports or other special forms. Get further details on electric scooter Medicaid funding.