Medicaid Funding for Lift Chairs

Lift chairs can provide a number of different benefits for those who suffer with mobility challenges. A lift can make rising out of the chair from a sitting position much easier. A lift chair can also help provide seniors with mobility issues more independence, allowing them to remain in their homes, as opposed to having to stay at a nursing home or assisted living facility. Lift chairs are also beneficial to nurses, caregivers, and family members who could injure themselves while helping their charge get up from the sitting position. Lift chairs are constructed similarly to traditional recliners, with the added feature of an electrical motor located in the base. Many lift chairs can also achieve the same positions that the best recliners do. With so many benefits of a lift chair, you may be wondering: will Medicaid pay for a lift chair?

Will Medicaid Pay for a Lift Chair?

Medicaid may cover a lift chair if a patient meets the requirements. Some states’ Medicaid programs fully cover the cost of a lift chair, while other states partially cover the cost. Eligibility varies from one state to the next. Click the link to review general information on Medicaid programs. Please speak to your local Medicaid office to learn about lift chairs Medicaid eligibility. If you qualify, Medicaid may cover the cost of a VivaLift!® Infinity Power Recliner, or other lift chair.

Medicaid isn’t a federally run program and is managed by individual states, so it’s important to note that eligibility will vary by state. To determine if you are eligible for lift chairs Medicaid coverage, call your local Medicaid office to schedule an appointment and mention that you want to apply for a lift chair. You will need to bring along proof of income, Medicaid status, copies of insurance policies, and photo ID. Having a letter from the doctor stating that a lift chair will benefit your current medical condition is important as well. When you call to schedule the appointment, ask if you will need to bring anything else, since procedures can vary by state. You will have to fill out paperwork and then you will be notified if your request for lift chairs covered by Medicaid is approved or denied.

To help ensure you get coverage, there needs to be a documented need from your physician for a lift chair. The physician needs to be an attending physician or a consulting physician for the condition or disease that results in the need of a lift chair. Usually, the patient would need to be completely incapable of standing up from any regular chair in the home. However, once standing, he or she needs to be able to walk, even if using a walker or a cane. This item is usually not covered if the patient has a wheelchair, power wheelchair, or scooter as well.

Medicaid does have different programs available to help those transfer into a community rather than in a nursing home, hospital, or other institution, and having a lift chair is an important part of making that transition easier. You need to follow the requirements to get reimbursed. You must also purchase your Medicaid lift chair from an authorized Medicaid dealer.

Does Medicaid Cover Lift Chairs Repairs?

Since a Medicaid lift chair is considered durable medical equipment (DME), repairs are covered under certain circumstances. If Medicaid has already paid for your lift chair, they may also cover the repairs, but you could still have to pay for a portion of the cost. It’s important to use a supplier that accepts Medicaid when it comes to requesting repairs for your Medicaid lift chair. 

Other Benefits of Lift Chairs Covered by Medicaid

Many lift chairs covered by Medicaid offer a variety of other features and benefits to appeal to consumers. Whether Medicaid approves or denies your request for a lift chair, it’s important to consider the long-term benefits one gains from owning a lift chair. VivaLift!® Power Recliners, for example, offer the convenient stand assist that many people need. Yet, did you know that VivaLift! Power Lift Chairs have a lot of features that ensure greater comfort? The VivaLift! Escape Collection Lift Chair includes a full width power headrest that can lift the neck, shoulders, and head. The convenient remote with a USB charger lets you power your cell phone or tablet while you relax. Choose from gorgeous fabrics and colors that are luxurious and match your style and decor.