Geri Chair Types and Medicare Coverage

A Geri chair can help seniors get into a standing or seated position if it is difficult to do on their own due to mobility issues. These chairs can allow for better independence and are safer for an individual. Without this type of chair, caregivers or loved ones would need to keep a more watchful eye to help ensure that a senior doesn’t fall while getting in and out of a regular chair.

Infinite Position Geri Chairs

Infinite position Geri chairs can achieve many different positions while still providing great performance and style. An infinite position chair is great for taking a nap, and any number of positions can be achieved because the footrest and backrest move independently from one another. Positions that can be achieved include the zero gravity position, where the lower legs and thighs are higher than the torso, and the Trendelenburg position, which elevates the feet higher than the head. There is also the infinite lay flat position, which is ideal for napping or relaxing.

Geri Chairs with Heat and Massage

Heat and massage Geri chairs are also available. Optional heat and massage on Pride Geri chairs can aid aching muscles and help promote even more comfort and relaxation. Heat and massage can improve circulation and help with aches and pains that seniors may experience.

3 Position Geri Chairs

With 3 position Geri chairs, you can enjoy positions that are perfect for reading, watching television, conversing with friends or family or taking a nap. These recliners are available with different seating, such as industry-first Total Comforting Seating, or Sinuous Enjoy dual pocket storage, which is perfect for holding your favorite book, magazine, newspaper or even the television remote! 3 position Geri chairs come in a variety of colors and styles, in order to match your decor in the home.

Are Geri Chairs Covered by Medicare?

To answer the question: are Geri chairs covered by Medicare? It’s necessary to note that you must qualify for coverage. The lift mechanism of the chair (which is motorized) is a Medicare covered item. If you do qualify, Medicare can cover up to 80 percent of the approved amount for the seat lift mechanism, but it won’t cover any additional costs for the chair. You must cover any co-pay or deductible. You must also pay for the furniture part of the Geri chair.

To qualify for Geri chair Medicare coverage, you have to have a face-to-face exam with your doctor. After this exam, your doctor may give you a prescription for the seat lift mechanism. There is also a form that the physician must fill out. The form contains questions about your medical condition, which can determine whether Medicare will cover the chair. In order to qualify for the chair, you would need to have severe arthritis of either the knee or hip or have a neuromuscular disease. The seat lift needs to be part of the doctor’s treatment plan to help slow down the condition or improve it. Even with this condition, you must be able to walk while standing, but you can still use a walker or cane to assist. A doctor will need to prove you aren’t able to stand up from a regular chair in the home. If Medicare has paid for a power or manual wheelchair for you previously, they may also cover this mobility aid. Medicare won’t cover the chair if you are in a skilled nursing facility or a hospital. Once you have the chair approved, you can begin to select a chair that suits your needs.