Enhance Your Life with These Lifting Recliners

If you are an individual who has issues standing from a seated position, has limited mobility, or requires the assistance of a nurse or other aide to stand, then you should keep reading about the benefits of a lifting recliner and how to get your own.

Why Choose a Lifting Recliner?

Lifting recliners allow you to safely and comfortably and sit and stand. A lifting recliner may allow a person to stay home longer rather than having to live in an assisted living or nursing facility. A lift chair uses a lifting mechanism that the user can control with a hand remote. These lifting recliners gently lift you into a standing position from a seated position. When you are ready to sit or recline, you simply stand in front of the lifting recliner and it will gently place you in a seated position once more. Get tips on how to choose your next lifting recliner.

The Most Comfortable Lifting Recliners Available

Although there are many different lifting recliner models to choose from, Pride Mobility offers the most comfortable lineup of recliners available. VivaLift!® Power Recliners offer power lumbar and a full-width power headrest that lifts your neck, shoulders and head. The Legacy Lifting Recliners Collection offers infinite, lay-flat positioning and a super convenient side storage pocket on the side of the chair. It’s perfect for storing your television remote, a book or newspaper! The Sierra Lifting Recliner by VivaLift! is another fabulous choice. The smooth Stonewash fabric is soft to the touch. Choose from three gorgeous colors, including Amber, Mossy and Dune. Other outstanding features on these lifting recliners include:

  • USB remote with soft-touch buttons lets you easily charge your cell phone or tablet
  • Lithium battery backup ensures your lifting recliner is operational when the power goes out
  • Footrest extension provides ample leg space so you can fully stretch out
  • Power backrest

No matter what lifting recliner you choose from the VivaLift! line, there are also a variety of fabric and color options to choose from so you can match your new lifting recliner to your existing furniture and decor. Pride’s lifting recliners are attractive and easy to care for, making them an excellent and sensible addition to your home.

Lifting Recliners Medicaid Coverage

Medicaid may cover the cost of a lift chair in many states. Each state varies in its requirements for eligibility. The lift chair may be covered because it may be classified as durable medical equipment. In addition, your Medicaid coverage may also pay for any repairs that may be required during the lifetime of the chair. Speak with your doctor about possibly obtaining medical documentation outlining your need for a lifting chair. Speak with your local Medicaid office. You will be asked to provide documentation to see if you are eligible for Medicaid coverage within your state that would help you pay for a lift chair of your own.

If you struggle with getting in and out of a chair, a lifting recliner could make all the difference in the world! have limited mobility and want to get your own lift chair, Pride can refer you to a local authorized dealer near you. Our dealers can help you obtain your very own lifting recliner that will improve your ability to sit and stand independently and make living at home easier and more enjoyable. Find a lifting recliner dealer now.