Your Guide to Mobility Chairs

If you struggle with limited mobility, there are options available! Consider a mobility chair from Pride and regain your independence! We offer an array of mobility chairs designed to fulfill your needs. From folding mobility chairs to travel mobility chairs, our products are easy to operate and extremely reliable for everyday use. Not sure where to start? We’re here to help. Get more information on a variety of topics relating to mobility chairs and learn about specific products that can enhance the way you live!

What to Know about Power Mobility Chairs

Unsure if a mobility chair is right for you? Mobility chairs, also known as power chairs, can help strengthen your independence by increasing your mobility. Get the lowdown on power chairs. Find out how much a power chair weighs and whether a power chair is the right mobility device for you. Plus, learn more about Medicare coverage for mobility chairs.

Understanding Mobility Chairs

Mobility chairs, otherwise known as mobile chairs, is a great choice for those who have trouble walking. Understanding the limitations of mobility chairs is essential before operating or buying one. Discover just how fast a power chair can go and whether power chairs can get wet. Plus, learn more about accommodations for mobility chairs on buses and public transportation.

The Benefits of Electric Mobility Chairs

Discover how the design of Pride’s mobility chairs can benefit you and your lifestyle. Read about the different components that make up power chairs. Learn about the ideal travel mobility chair and see how elevating mobile electric chairs can help you to reach items in cabinets and on shelves.

Mobility Chairs for the Disability Community

Whether you need an elevating mobility chair or a heavy-duty mobility chair, Pride has an array of power chairs to suit your needs. Whether you can’t walk or struggle to stand for more than a few minutes, regain your mobility and live the life you are meant to live! These chairs are built for the real world, engineered from durable materials and designed to deliver exceptional performance. Learn more about Pride’s mobility chairs for disabled individuals.