Electric Mobile Scooters: Medicare and More

What is an Electric Mobile Scooter?

When looking at electric mobile scooters for sale, you may wonder how a scooter compares to a power chair. An electric mobile scooter is similar to a wheelchair, as both are mobility devices. While power chairs and electric mobile scooters are terms that are often used interchangeably, there are fundamental differences between the two. A scooter will have a large flat platform that is connected to three or four wheels. There is a tiller in front with handlebars that allows users to operate the device. You can adjust the distance between the seat and handlebars, so taller people would benefit from a scooter. Electric mobile scooters are also a good choice for those who spend much of their time outdoors because many scooters are better equipped with rugged suspension and can handle different types of terrain. While a scooter is operated with handlebars, a power chair is controlled by a joystick. Most power chairs are more compact and maneuverable compared to scooters.

Does Medicare Pay for Electric Mobile Scooters?

If a doctor prescribes an electric mobile scooter, then it can be considered medical equipment. Medicare Part B does cover a portion of medical equipment, such as a motorized scooter, once it is deemed necessary by a physician. To prove that a scooter is necessary medically, you must have a face-to-face meeting with your physician and your physician will need to consider the use of a walker, cane, or manual wheelchair before a scooter. If your doctor thinks your needs can be helped with a scooter, it needs to be documented in your medical records. A therapist may also need to conduct an assessment. Medicare Part B will also cover replacement batteries if the current batteries aren’t working properly. If you qualify for Medicare coverage for a scooter, then you will qualify for replacement batteries. Discover more information electric mobile scooter Medicare coverage.

How Do You Get Your Mobile Scooter Repaired?

Repairs may be needed if you are using your motorized scooter every day. To keep it running smoothly, regular checks are advised. Motorized scooters need to be serviced by an authorized Pride® provider. Providers are trained to do diagnostic testing and repairs. Call your provider to make an appointment if you need repairs on a scooter. It’s not recommended that consumers do their own repairs due to safety reasons. For those who have their scooter prescribed by a doctor, it could be considered medical equipment. If this is the case, then Medicare Part B could cover scooter repair costs. If you are paying for your scooter with private insurance, then you can contact your insurance company to see if scooter repairs are covered. If insurance doesn’t cover repairs, there are ways to pay for repairs with financing options. Learn more about repairing your scooter.

Electric Motor Scooter Accessories

Electric mobile scooters for sale have plenty of different accessory options, in order to make your electric scooter unique. Saddlebags will offer convenient storage options for while you are on the go. A USB charger will allow you to charge your smart device while on the move. There are both rear and front baskets available for extra storage. Cup holders are helpful for always having access to a water bottle, to stay hydrated and healthy. For those who need a walker when not using their scooter, a walker holder provides convenient storage space. There is also the option for a cane or crutch holder. A weather cover will ensure your scooter is protected from the elements to keep it dry and clean. See other electric mobile scooter accessories.