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Contemporary comfort has never been more stylish! The Metro Collection by VivaLift!® Power Recliners offers maximum relaxation with infinite, lay-flat positioning. Soft, dark colors with Saville fabric offers a unique and cozy appeal, making the Metro recliner a perfect accent piece for the bright areas in your home. A USB port in the remote offers convenient access for charging smart devices. It’s time to experience the richness and luxury of the VivaLift!® brand.

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VivaLift® Metro - PLR-925

This modern power lift recliner offers comfort in all the right places.

Contemporary design takes the Metro Lift Chair Recliner, part of the VivaLift!® Collection, into the future of relaxation.

Great modern design streamlines traditional style, leaving a lasting impression.

When it comes to your power lift recliner, you need your lift chair to elevate and assist in standing up or sitting down. That part is easy. Pride Mobility® already makes the best power lift chairs on the market.

Comfort and control come next for the modern lift recliner

Next, you need it to be comfortable.

That’s why the Metro Lift Chair by VivaLift! offers independent functions such as the power headrest, power lumbar and power backrest, so you can adjust your position at the touch of a button. VivaLift! is designed to independently to support your body the way you want it to, no matter how you choose to relax.

Pride also uses nuzzling-soft Saville Grey or Saville Brown fabric, which beckons you in to kick back and rest awhile.

Because it’s a VivaLift! Power Recliner, you know right off the bat that it’s going to give you incredible control over your lift chair’s positioning. From the handheld remote with USB charger, you can control the footrest extension, stretching out fully while watching TV, reading, taking a nap or video chatting with your grandkids.

Design and features come together in the modern power lift chair

After we considered all those points: comfort, control and ultimate support, we asked our design engineers to put it all in a contemporary design. It must look sleek and inviting, we told them. And it needs to feel soft, supportive and functional.

They came back with the Metro, a modern take on the classic lift recliner chair.

Interested in taking your reclining experience into the future? Contact your Pride Mobility dealer today.

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   PLR-925 Features:

  • Power headrest
  • Power backrest
  • Power lumbar
  • USB remote with soft-touch buttons
  • Lithium battery backup
  • Footrest extension

  • *Pride® FDA Class II Medical Devices are designed to aid individuals with mobility impairments