Handicap Mobility Devices: Solutions for Life

If you have a medical condition or injury that affects your mobility, you may be bedridden, house-bound or reliant on friends or family for help. It’s time to regain your independence. A handicap mobility issue can be addressed with handicap mobility equipment, such as a scooter. Discover the different types of scooters available at your local Pride® provider.

3 Wheel Handicap Scooters

If you want a scooter that’s maneuverable and easy to drive, Pride has you covered. Learn more about 3 wheel handicap scooters.

4-Wheel Handicap Scooters

If you want a scooter that is stable and versatile, why not choose a Pride scooter? Learn more about 4 wheel handicap scooters.

Lightweight Handicap Scooters

Are you seeking to regain your active lifestyle? Discover the benefits of lightweight handicap scooters and overcome your handicap mobility.

Medicare Handicap Scooters

Get more information on requirements for Medicare to cover the cost of a handicap scooter and find out which Pride scooters are reimbursable through Medicare. Read information on Medicare handicap scooters.

Handicap Veteran Scooters

Are you a veteran or former member of the armed forces? You may qualify for a handicap scooter through the VA. Discover models of handicap veteran scooters that are available.

Handicap Electric Scooters

Looking for a high-performing and durable handicap electric scooter? Pride can help! Learn about some of the most popular handicap electric scooters on the market.

Portable Handicap Scooters

Embrace your busy life once more with a portable handicap scooter and discover the simplicity of these easily-transportable scooter models.

Handicap Motorized Scooters

If you seek versatility and style in your next handicap mobility devices purchase, then read up on these handicap motorized scooters that deliver powerful performance outdoors.

Handicap Scooter Accessories

When you find the perfect scooter or handicap mobility equipment that meets your needs, you might want to purchase additional accessories. Find out what handicap scooter accessories are available.