Basic Operating Instructions

Product Name Product Name Product Name
Euro Seat System (INFMANU3621) Front Riggings [Spanish] (INFMANU3902) Front Riggings (INFMANU3613)+A1
Height and Depth Adjustable Comfort Seat (INFINFB3210) Pediatric Manual Tilt Basic Instructions+A1 Power Lift System for Quantum Power Bases Product Insert
Specialty Seat Kit Stealth Cushions Installation and Care (INFMANU4937) Synergy Cushions Installation and Care Instructions
Synergy Manual Tilt Synergy Seating System Synergy Shape Back 2 Point, Shape Deep Contour
Synergy Shape Back 2 Point, Shape Deep Contour (French) Synergy Shape Back Installation & Care Synergy Shape GP (French)
Synergy Spectrum Synergy Tru-Balance Power Recline Synergy Tru-Balance Power Recline and Tilt
Synergy Tru-Balance Power Tilt TB-Flex Seat (INFMANU4737) Tru-Balance 2 Power Positioning Systems (INFMANU3700)
Tru-Balance 3 Power Positioning Systems (INFMANU4800) Tru-Balance Bariatric Power Tilt Tru-Balance Pediatric Power Tilt
GC3 Controller (Spanish)    
Product Name Product Name Product Name
Dynamic Controller Dynamic G90 Controller (INFMANU3721) Europa - Dynamic Europa Remote
FSC - Dynamic FX Finger Steering Control GC Controller GC2 Controller
GC3 Controller NE Controller NE+ Controller
NE+ Controller iLevel Product Insert (INFINFB3418) newVSI Controller (INFMANU4935) Omni Plus - Penny & Giles Omni Plus Module
Q-Logic Controller Q-Logic 2 Controller Q-Logic 3 Controller
R-Net Controller R-net Controller iLevel Product Insert (INFINFB3419) Remote Plus - Penny & Giles Remote Plus
VR2 Controller (INFMANU3354) VR2 Controller Product Insert (INFINFB3503) VSI Controller (INFMANU3383)
LiNX Controller VR2 Controller [Spanish] (INFMANU3354) newVSI Controller [Spanish])
Power Lift Recliners    
Product Name Product Name Product Name
Knock-Down (KD) Lift Chair out-of-box setup LC-125 Quick Start Guide (INFINFB2476) Lift Chair Boost Box Product Insert (INFINFB3373)
Lift Chair Hand Control Reference (INFINFB2665) Single Motor Deluxe Heat and Massage Hand Control (INFINFB2646) Lift Chair with Memory Button Hand Control Initialization Insert (INFINFB3895)
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